• 2017 Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards Competition
    Congratulations to the 2017 PERA winners and finalists !

    The Clothing Bank, represented by Tracey Chambers and Tracey Gilmore has been announced as the 2017 winner of the Western Cape’s most prestigious entrepreneurship awards, the Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards (PERA).


    The winner of the Western Cape’s most prestigious entrepreneurship awards has supported over 2 000 women across the country to start their own businesses.

    Clothing Bank, founded in Cape Town in 2010, is is the overall winner of this year’s Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards (PERA).

    Founded by Tracey Chambers and Tracey Gilmore, the Clothing Bank trains and supports entrepreneurs to launch their own businesses.

    Clothing Bank has five branches in Cape Town, Paarl, Johannesburg, Durban and East London.

    In the past year, the businesses they supported have generated R30 million in profits.

    The winners of the 2017 PERA were announced at the Century City Convention Centre this evening (20 November 2017).

    Clothing Bank’s key projects include:

    The Clothing Bank Enterprise Development Project
    This initiative supports unemployed mothers to become informal clothing retailers.

    • The Appliance Bank Project
    Through this project, unemployed men are given the support they need to establish businesses that repair and sell home appliances.

    • The Grow with Educare Centres Micro Franchise Project
    This project helps women in poor communities to establish sustainable fee-paying early childhood development centres. These schools provide education to 760 children.  

    • The Amazi Project
    This project trains nail technicians and places them in Amazi stores.  Since 2010, 170 nail technicians have been trained.

    The Western Cape Government wished Clothing Bank well and thanked them for their contribution to job creation and economic growth. 
  • The 2017 PERA Category Winners

    The Clothing Bank, represented by Tracey Chambers and Tracey Gilmore has been announced as the 2017 winner of the Western Cape’s most prestigious entrepreneurship awards, the Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards (PERA).

    For full biographical details of each finalist, please click here.

    Here are the PERA category winners in winning order

    Category 1: Emerging Business
    1. Desk Stand - Ryan Roberts 
    2. Eden All Natural - Debbie Ncube
    3. Almond Creamery - Adri Geyser
    Category 2: Established Business
    1. Cango Wildlife Ranch - Andrew and Glen Eriksen
    2. DJ Rigging - Romy & Nick Fredericks
    3. Mologadi LNL - Lerato Nxumalo
    Category 3: Social Enterprise
    1. The Clothing Bank - Tracey Chambers and Tracey Gilmore
      (Overall winner)
    2. Pimp My Book - Mpodumo Doubada
    3. Fix Forward - Joshua Cox
    Category 4: Most Innovative Business
    1. Have You Heard Marketing - Ryan McFadyen and Jason Stewart
    2. FruitLips - Elouise Joseph, Deidre Eigelaar and Liebre Jacobs
    3. Whipping the Cat - Graeme Wilson
    Category 5: Business with Global Reach
    1. MPULL - Daryn Smith & Graeme Wilson
    2. Afrigetics Botanicals - Steve Hurt
    3. Foxolution - Kerry Motherwell

    The PERA 2017 Awards Gala evening will be held on 20th November 2017 at 18h30 for 19h00.

    By receiving an Award at the event, winners will benefit from the associated media coverage and publicity, as well as business networking with fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders.

    2017 FINALISTS

    • Foxolution SE
    • MPULL
    • Afrigetics
    • Desk Stand
    • House of natural butters
    • Almond Creamery
    • Cango Wildlife Ranch
    • Mologadi LNL Trading
    • DJ Rigging
    • Have You Heard Marketing
    • FruitLips
    • Whipping the Cat
    • TCB Clothing Redistribution
    • Pimp My Book
    • Fix Forward
  • Criteria

    The Western Cape Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards 2017 is the fifth edition of an annual competition that recognizes the achievements and potential of some of the Province’s most exciting entrepreneurs.

    By acknowledging and showcasing successful entrepreneurs, this awards competition is helping to build a culture of entrepreneurship in the Western Cape – and in turn, support the creation of opportunities by small and medium businesses.

    The closing date for entries has been extended to 08 September 2017 at 18:00.
    Late entries will not be accepted
    Previous category winners may not enter with the same business for three consecutive years. However, previous category winners may enter a new or different business or idea. Government employees (local, provincial and national government departments) are not permitted to enter the PERA competition.


    To qualify, entrants must reside in the Western Cape and have:
    • a valid ID document if the entrant is a South African citizen
    • (non-SA citizens should supply) proof of permanent residence, copy of passport and work permit, and proof that you are permitted to run a business/work in South Africa
    • a valid business registration with CIPC
    • a valid tax clearance certificate
    • up to date financial statements, management accounts and a business bank account
    • a sound financial performance over the last year
    • leadership and management processes in place
    • a comprehensive business marketing strategy
  • Categories

    There are 5 categories in the competition.

    Entrants may not enter more than one category with the same business.

    Established Business

    Operating in the Western Cape for longer than 54 months with an annual turnover of more than R5m and less than R50m.

    Emerging Business

    A business in its initial growth phase operating in the Western Cape for 12 months or longer, but not longer than 36 months with a minimum annual turnover of R500 000.00

    Most Innovative Business

    Operating in the Western Cape for 12 months or longer. This refers to an innovative solution or approach to an existing service or product.

    Business with Global Reach

    Operating in the Western Cape for 54 months or longer with a minimum turnover of R5m and less than R50m. The business should prove that at least 30% of its turnover is derived from exports.

    Social Enterprise

    Any revenue generating entity operating in the Western Cape for 12 months or longer, which aims to address a social challenge or need.


    If you are not sure which category your business fits into, please enter using this category (other) and the adjudicators will advise if you are eligible and will allocate your application accordingly.

    The Western Cape Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards Competition has two phases leading up to the actual Awards event itself.


    This phase runs from 10 July to 1 September 2017.

    You can enter via the online form on this website, or using one of the printed paper entry forms available from Seda branches, The Business Place branches and the Western Cape Provincial Government’s Department of Economic Development & Tourism (a full list is available on request).

    By hand: drop off at your local Seda office or other nominated business organisations (list available on request)
    By fax: you can fax the completed entry form to 086 592 5011
    By email: scan the completed entry form and email it to
    By post: PO Box 4468 George-East 6539
    • Please complete legibly with a black pen.
    • Make sure you answer all the required sections.
    • Make sure you sign the entry form where indicated.
    If the space provided for answers is insufficient, you are welcome to upload additional information as part of your supporting documents. If you do, please indicate the relevant sections and questions.

    A panel of experienced and independent judges will evaluate all entries using a standard scoring system.

    All judges will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement in order to ensure the confidentiality of entrant’s information.

    Three finalists per category will be selected.

    Site visits will be conducted to verify the information provided.

    Finalists will also be required to give a short presentation on their business idea to the judging panel, and answer questions from the panel. Failure to attend this presentation will result in a finalist not being considered, or being replaced by the next eligible finalist.

    Once the overall winner and finalist have been announced, the entrants will receive comments from the judges.
  • The Prizes

    Established Business

    • R75 000.00 (1st Prize)
    • R35 000.00 (2nd Prize)
    • R25 000.00 (3rd Prize)

    Emerging Business

    • R75 000.00 (1st Prize)
    • R35 000.00 (2nd Prize)
    • R25 000.00 (3rd Prize)

    Most Innovative Business

    • R75 000.00 (1st Prize)
    • R35 000.00 (2nd Prize)
    • R25 000.00 (3rd Prize)

    Business with Global Reach

    • R75 000.00 (1st Prize)
    • R35 000.00 (2nd Prize)
    • R25 000.00 (3rd Prize)

    Social Enterprise

    • R75 000.00 (1st Prize)
    • R35 000.00 (2nd Prize)
    • R25 000.00 (3rd Prize)

    Overall winner: Entrepreneur of the Year

    The overall winner will be judged on the ability of the business to sustain/create jobs and to increase its turnover in the medium to long-term.


    R675 000.00
    All of the above prizes are non-negotiable and non-transferable

    These are the rules, terms and conditions for entrants in the Western Cape Premier's Entrepreneur Recognition Awards Competition.

    Please ensure you read them carefully as they include permission to use photographs of entrants as well as important requirements which, if not met, may result in your entry being removed from consideration.

    By registering on this website, and entering the competition, you accept and agree to abide by these rules.



    1. By entering the Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards Competition (‘the competition’), the entrant agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions, regardless of whether the entry form is fully completed, signed or not.
    2. Any entry which is found to be partially or fully incomplete, non-compliant with the Awards criteria, illegible or otherwise substantially deficient or ill-prepared; or which is submitted after the closing date and time, may be withdrawn from consideration, without notice and at the sole discretion of the organisers.
    3. The entrant confirms that all information provided is true and accurate. Any entry containing false or misleading information may be withdrawn from consideration, without notice and at the sole discretion of the organisers.
    4. The decision of the adjudicators and organisers with regard to eligibility, scoring and the allocation of Awards shall be final.
    5. Entrants are required to co-operate as far as reasonably possible with the organisers in respect of the provision and verification of information and site visits. Any failure to provide all reasonable co-operation may result in withdrawal from the competition.
    6. Entry may only be made by means of the official online or printed entry forms.
    7. The entrant grants permission to the organisers of the competition to have their photograph taken and/or be filmed, without prior notice, during site visits and attendance at any competition meeting or event; and for any such photograph or film to be used without payment of any consideration in printed, online (internet), video or other promotional or competition related communication, press release or article, without prior notice.
    8. Any cash prizes awarded shall only be paid into the primary bank account of the business entity which is being entered. No cash prizes shall be paid into any individual’s bank account except where the business is a sole proprietorship and the proprietor and business share a bank account. The organisers reserve the right to require and request proof that the bank account is that of the entered entity and the consent of all directors to payment being made into such account.
    9. The organisers reserve the right to change, without prior or any notice other than on the competition website, the dates, entry forms and requirements, adjudication process, criteria, categories and any other competition feature and process, in the interests of fairness, transparency, or where operational circumstances require such change.
    10. Business ideas or existing businesses in the tobacco, firearms (excepting sporting use), alcohol, adult (sex) and gambling / wagering industries will not be considered for the Awards Competition.
    11. A business which operates in the Western Cape, but is a branch, franchise or subsidiary of a company whose primary operations are outside the Western Cape is not eligible to enter.
    12. All information shall be handled with the necessary confidentiality and care, subject to the Department’s right to publish information about the winning entrants as set out herein before.
    13. Previous entrants may enter the competition. However, previous category winners may not enter the same business for three consecutive years, but may enter with a new or different business idea or business.
    14. I confirm that any and all intellectual property which forms part of my/our business and my/our entry, is the property of the entering business and/or its owners and directors, or that any third-party intellectual property used in our business or entry is used with the permission of the owners thereof, and in this regard we indemnify the organisers and the Western Cape Government against any claim from any third party in relation to the unauthorised use of any intellectual property.
    15. All competition prizes are non-negotiable.


    1. I/we understand and agree that the competition and its authorised adjudicators may provide me with certain comments and feedback on certain parts of my entry and acknowledge and agree that:

    1.1 Such feedback and comments represent the views and opinions of the individual adjudicators, in their personal capacities, and not those of the organisers or the Western Cape Government or its agents;

    1.2 The feedback and comments are provided in good faith only, and on the basis of the information provided, for the purpose of assisting the entrant to improve, inter alia, their business concept, model, performance, processes and competitiveness;

    1.3 The comments and feedback do not purport to be, and are not offered as, professional financial, legal or technical advice;

    1.4 I/we should not under any circumstances make any decisions, or take any action, whether legal, financial, technical or of any other kind, without full and thorough consideration and without first obtaining appropriate financial, legal, technical and other professional advice;

    1.5 In view of the fact that business models, plans, processes and performance are dynamic and subjective, no correspondence will be entered into with regard to the adjudicators’ comments and the adjudicators will not be identified individually.

    I warrant that I am authorised to represent the business or entity being entered. I understand, accept and agree to abide by the rules, terms and conditions of the Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards Competition, on behalf of myself and the business I represent.